Costa Rica is known worldwide for its conservation efforts, which attracts millions of tourists to the country. There has been an ever-growing and evolving awareness of the environment and humanity’s role in the survival of the nation’s ecology, society, culture, and economic structure.

Sustainability Certification program (CST)
The Costa Rica Tourism Institute (ICT) developed the Sustainability Certification program (CST) in order to categorize and distinguish those Costa Rican hotels that demonstrate sustainability within their operations, with respect to the management of natural, cultural, and social resources.

Hotel Claro de Luna has been part of the Sustainability Certification program (CST) since 2010 as a way of infusing the hotel with the principles of sustainability.

Sustainable practices implemented by Hotel Claro de Luna Environmental Policies:
Our gardens include predominant native species, and they will be identified with their common, English and scientific name.

Using natural fertilizers instead of products such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Using biodegradable detergents for washing and cleaning.

Hotel Claro de Luna is committed to avoid and report the removal or captivity of animal and wild plant species.

Policies to reduce waste:
Purchasing products in bulk.
Soap/shampoo dispensers installed in our rooms and common areas.
Printing using sheets on both sides.
All organic waste materials are send to a pig farm.
Using damaged towels as rags to clean floors.

Special Program for Recycling Glass, Paper, Cardboard, Aluminum, and other materials. This includes the separation of such materials in our gathering center, as well as working in cooperation with the recycling program of Monteverde Municipality.

Using reusable cloth bags instead of plastic laundry bags.

Our energy-saving program includes the use of energy saving light bulbs, presence-detecting lights and the use alternative energy of solar panels in our original building as well as our air-drying facilities to reduce the use of electric dryers.

Breakfast is prepared with organic products from our own farm.

Our guests are encouraged to save water and energy by reusing towels and turning off lights when not needed.

Social Responsibility
We encourage our guest to experience the local culture and traditional food.

Hotel Claro de Luna buys locally made products and chooses local service providers to help the local economy.

Claro de Luna Hotel has, since 2006, signed and implemented the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism.

We inform our guests about the natural attractions of Costa Rica and how to act when visiting them.

Do your part
Sustainable Tourism (also called Responsible Tourism) is simply about making a positive difference to the people and environment of destinations you visit.

Respect local traditions and people: Observe any dress codes and behave appropriately. It may be your holiday but it is their home. Try using a few words of the local language.

Buy locally made products and use local services: Buying local, giving fair economic returns to local families.

Use water and energy carefully: Take a quick shower instead of a bath; re-use towels; switch off lights and air con when out; try the local bus service, hire a bike or walk – you will see more that way!

Please don't take 'natural' souvenirs away: Wild flowers and plants, pebbles and sea shells, should all be left where you found them for others to enjoy.

Do not buy products made from endangered plants or animals

Do not support the illegal drug trade or the sex trade.

Ask your accommodation provider (hotel, guest house, lodge) about their sustainability practices.